More than Just Fish!

Recently, the health benefits of taking Omega 3 supplements have been embraced by the American consumer. Several brands like MegaRed Krill Oil have gained popularity while promising its consumers a plethora of health benefits.   After using MegaRed for years and not seeing the results I desired, I tried a new product made by an American-based company, NOD Supplements. It’s Mega Omega 1000MG proved to be a competitive choice for Omega 3 supplements.

First, NOD Supplements is not your average supplement-maker. The company has gone above and beyond to ensure quality products. In addition to having its products manufactured locally in an FDA registered facility, NOD supplements’ products are also certified by NSF international. This certification ensures that the product has the quality and strength that appears on its label, unlike other popular brands. Therefore, when trying Mega Omega, I had peace of mind that the product I was consuming had the quality and strength that was listed on the label.

Like most products from NOD supplements, the Mega Omega is made with non-GMO ingredients.  Instead of just providing fish oil it is uniquely made with a combination of EPA and DHA that is proven to provide protection and support healthy brain and heart functions.  While on the supplement, I experienced a reduction in my total cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure after a few months of taking the supplements.

MegaOmega’s purity and quality is among the best on the market today and has been shown to provide exceptional results. It is an excellent choice for consumers that are conscience about the quality of the supplements that they take as part of a complete nutrition plan.

More than Just Fish!

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