What’s the Difference in Vitamins?

Americans love vitamins. Almost on every commercial break or in every magazine advertisement, a brand of vitamins is being pushed to the American people. If it is true that your health is your wealth, than determining a quality brand multivitamin is as important and requires as much investigation as does investing thousands in a particular stock in the stock market.

While more than half of adults take a daily multivitamin, even less are careful in taking a vitamin that is accomplishing the benefits the consumer desires. Consumers need to understand that they cannot just take any multivitamin and expect it to provide their bodies with the nutrition it needs, but instead consumers need to find the appropriate high-quality vitamin to support their unique health needs.

Why is it important to take a quality vitamin? Not only does a poor quality vitamin provide no benefit at all, but it may harm the consumer. Low-quality vitamins typically include preservatives and other chemical agents that can wreak havoc on one’s health.

The American College of Healthcare Sciences published an article in late 2014 listing some of the dangerous ingredients included in poor-quality vitamins warning consumers that these ingredients have been linked to increased risks for cancer and other common diseases. Consumers are largely unaware of these dangerous additives allowing these large companies to continue to profit from consumer-ignorance.

The solution to finding quality multivitamins is simple. Consumers should do their research. Reading and researching ingredients from reputable sites, like pubmed.com, will help consumers to avoid buying poor-quality vitamins. Furthermore, buyers should look for vitamins that are non-gmo and made in the USA. Vitamins made in the USA undergo stricter regulation than those made overseas in countries like China. Therefore, buyers can have more confidence that they are receiving quality with American-made supplements.

There are a few vitamin makers that have raised the bar for what constitutes for quality supplements. NOD Supplements, an American-based company, has gained increased notoriety for the high-quality supplements it offers. It has a multivitamin for men and women. Power Core Advanced Multivitamin is their most widely known product.  It provides complete nutrition.  This multivitamin is great for both professional body builders and the average person interested in improving overall health.

Overall, the vitamin consumer interested in supplementing their diets with multivitamin intake should beware that not all vitamins are created equal.  Choosing a high-quality multivitamin is important in protecting the health of its consumer. Consumers should do their research and avoid supplements that are going to do more harm than good.


What’s the Difference in Vitamins?

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